DAOstar Endpoint Service v0.2 (Coruscant)
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This service hosts a DAOstar-compatible API endpoint that can be queried at https://api.daostar.org/mutable/<CAIP10_ADDRESS> or at https://api.daostar.org/immutable/<CONTENT_ID>. It is currently in alpha, and is provided as-is.

    In this version we support:
    1. Creating a DAO schema endpoint hosted by our database (mutable)
    2. Creating a DAO schema endpoint hosted on IPFS (immutable)
    3. Making REST API calls to the service via api.daostar.org
    4. Updating or deleting mutable DAO schemas
    In future releases we will add:
    1. Additional endpoints for membersURI, proposalsURI, and activityLogURI data.
    2. Permissioning via Web3 login.
    3. Template implementations of membersURI, proposalsURI, and activityLogURI for popular DAO frameworks such as Gnosis Safe, Compound, Aragon, Tribute, and others.
    4. Ability to add your own properties.
    5. Authoring support for governanceURI.
    6. Cleaner management UI.
    7. Aliases, including support for EIP3770 addresses and ENS.
    8. Direct integration of properties with the DAOstar JSON-LD schema.
    9. Uptime guarantees.
    10. Privacy options.
    If you encounter any issues, please add them to our GitHub and we will put them on our roadmap. If you have any questions, please join our Discord or sign up for a call.