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The story so far...

It is a period of creative turmoil. DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, represent one possible future for the internet. But that future is fragile. Use-cases are immature. Speculation is rampant. The first DAO exploded, almost taking down Ethereum. DAOs are far, far from disrupting the deathstars of WEB2.

For years, the ecosystem was fragmented by competition. Now, a new alliance of DAO builders is racing to build standards that will realize the promise of this emerging technology...

The DAO Standard

DAOstar defines a common interface for DAOs, akin to tokenURI for NFTs, so that DAOs of all shapes and sizes are easier to discover, more legible to their members, and more compatible with future tooling.

Many DAOs already publish their data in various ways. We've standardized these existing best-practices, making it easy for people to create and maintain new DAOs and DAO tooling.

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Create Endpoint (alpha)

You can create a DAOstar endpoint here or set up your own.

Explore Endpoints (alpha)

You can explore existing endpoints here.

Upgrade Contract

We do not recommend modifying your contract until the standard is finalized.

Sample Implementations

Moloch DAOstack Compound Governor Bravo

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Governed by DAOstar One

DAOstar One is a roundtable of key organizations in the DAO ecosystem.

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